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The Growlers "Are You In Or Out?" Vinyl LP

Image of The Growlers "Are You In Or Out?" Vinyl LP


The Growlers have been building a loyal following for the past two years by performing throughout Southern California and selling hand screened and burned CD-R’s. Over the course of one full length and eight Ep’s they have honed their songwriting and recording skills. The best of these have been compiled into Are You In Or Out? Vinyl comes with digital download card.

1. Something Somone Jr.
2. A Man With No God
3. Red TIde
4. Swallowed Whole
5. Old Cold River
6. Hoopity Hip
7. Wet Dreams
8. Stranger's Road
9. Heehaw Stomp
10. Barnacle Beat
11. Wandering Eyes
12. Tijuana
13. Lenny Sinpablo Juliano 36th
14. Black Jungle Supreme
15. Old 8 Legs
16. Acid Rain
17. Empty Bones
18. Swamp Stomp

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