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Jack Johnson "Brushfire Fairytales" remastered on 180g vinyl

Image of Jack Johnson "Brushfire Fairytales" remastered on 180g vinyl


Celebrating their 10-year anniversary, independent record label owners, Andy Factor and JP Plunier re-release their first album Brushfire Fairytales with the help of Bernie Grundman. Pulling the original 1/2" analog masters from the “vault” and re-introducing the album to old and new fans alike. The vinyl edition, cut directly from tape to lacquer (AAA to all you audiophiles) includes a digital download card with purchase.

"Our disc cutting system is unique because a large majority of it is custom built by our technical department to optimize the quality of any master to disc. In the case of Jack Johnson' album, there is an added advantage with the master being on analog tape," says Grundman of the re-mastering process. "Our tape playback is a highly simplified tube preamp designed and built by our studio. In addition, the cutting system is all tube electronics yielding a very natural realistic sound. We also used premium lacquers imported from Japan that we find plate well and have ultra quiet surfaces. Everything has been done to ensure the best possible listening experience. Hope you enjoy this album as much as we did."

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