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Herman Dune "Next Year in Zion" Vinyl LP

Image of Herman Dune "Next Year in Zion" Vinyl LP


David-Ivar Herman Dune and drummer, Neman Herman Dune, deliver over a dozen charming and intricately constructed pop songs. On the heels of 2 handmade eps, Next Year In Zion is the Parisan duo's debut long-player. It is the sound of Herman Dune all grown up.

It’s been a prolific year for Parisian folk duo Herman Dune, which seems to be releasing records at a ferocious rate. Next Year in Zion follows the band's two EPs and countless live dates from earlier this year, and it’s another high quality release, full of wistful songs that build on the idiosyncrasies of previous recordings. Songwriter David-Ivar Herman Dune and drummer Neman Herman Dune have taken steps toward professionalism with each release, but they've never lost the wide-eyed naivety that makes listening to their albums such a joy.