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Adanowsky "Amador" Vinyl LP

Image of Adanowsky "Amador" Vinyl LP


Adan Jodorowsky, aka Adanowsky is a polyglot who sings in Spanish, French and English. As a child, James Brown taught him how to dance and George Harrison, who was friends with his parents, gave him his first guitar lessons.

Amador is his U.S. debut, and as the name would imply (“amador” is Spanish for “lover”), the songs are romantic, dark and obsessed with love. Amador runs the gamut from seductive cosmic folk to funky cabaret and includes collaborations with Devendra Banhart (You Are The One), as well as a handful of songs with lyrics contributed by Adanowsky’s father Alejandro.

Amador due out Nov. 8, in the US and Canada on Everloving.
1. Me Siento Solo
2. Lo Que Siempre Fui
3. Amor Sin Fin
4. Dime Cuando
5. Basta Del Oscuro
6. Saber Amar
7. Dejame Llorar
8. Niña Roja
9. Un Sol Con Corazón
10. J'Aime Tes Genoux
11. Asi Ya No Me Quiero
12. You Are the One
13. Si Aun Quieres
14. Nunca Te Amé
15. Me Siento Solo (English)
16. Basta Del Oscuro (English)
17. Amor Sin Fin (English)

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